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PERDHANAHOST was established in March 2006 with three things in its founder mind: full-range high quality products, affordable prices, and total customer satisfaction. Most of PERDHANAHOST products are covered by 30-day money back guarantee.

In order to achive our goal of providing our customers with full-range high quality products of webhosting at the affordable prices, we constantly seek new partner to make an addition to our portfolio. This will give at least two advantages both to us and our customers: we are able to provide our customers one-stop-service while offering them the best price on the market.

We start it all as reseller to another web hosting company. Thus, we know what a reseller needs to be a successful web hosting company in the future. We provide customers who want to start their web hosting business with a full-featured web hosting services at very affordable prices. Customers are free to upgrade anytime they think they are ready for it. Upgrading a plan is seamless and will never affect their services to their customers. Additionally to those who want to move to our server, we always offer a free migration assistance. Yes, we know how complicate migrate a web host is to you, mainly on mass migration.


  • No overloaded servers
  • No hidden fees
  • High quality products and services at very affordable prices
  • Developer Friendly
  • eCommerce Ready
  • Friendly support. Available both in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Payment options 

  • Online payment
    Visa MasterCard PayPal

    Offline payment
    Bank Central Asia Bank Mandiri


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